Malhar Pandya wants to be known as an actor, not a star

"I used to not really care about these things before but recently I realised that recognition and stardom are really important because they are part of an actor's life. Nowadays, people get famous on social media quickly so it has got easier than before. I believe that recognition and popularity are important to you as an actor as it helps you to get good work," he said.

"I want to get recognised as an actor only, not a star. There is a lot of difference between an actor and a star. If an actor has to perform a scene wherein he has to look dirty and his body has to be covered with mud, he will do it. But if it's a star maybe, he would use chocolate instead of mud," added Malhar, who had previously done shows like "Ramayan" and "Devo Ke Dev Mahadev".



Source : ians

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