Mantra Gets Candid On His Work, Radio, MnM Talkies, Life In Lockdown And More

Performing artist Mantra gets candid about his passion, life in lockdown, his upcoming projects and whole lot more.
With Lockdown in place, entire B-Town is cooling their heels at home, but for Mantra, who is blessed with deep velvety voice, is working out magic with his podcasts, radio shows and dramas.
Talking about his time in lockdown at home, Mantra said, “I am spending my time creatively. I have a podcast channel, MnM Talkies, which creates audio shows;

"I am creating a lot of audio shows and dramas. This has been my passion from the beginning , and I have been doing this for 2 decades now. I have other creative aspiration and I have fulfilled them, I’ve worked on Television, Theatre and Films, but radio is something I am very much passionate about”

Further adding about his channel MnM Talkies, Mantra said, “I work with my team to create shows and dramas. Best part is we can work from home. Back in the days, audio dramas were very popular in rural India, and now the same trend is coming back internationally . I am currently working for portals such as Audible Suno, Spotify and many others"

With Lockdown getting extended and means of entertainment changing, Audio Shows are fast gaining popularity and creating a niche. So when we asked Mantra about Binge watch during this lockdown, he has something really interesting to say. He said, “Binge watching is all good, it's now time for Binge listening. People can only watch this much, now they want to listen. So my recommendation is try audio web series. We created one recently, title Kaali Awaazein, and its being hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Then there is one romantic series, Mine And Yours, there is detective drama series, Bhaskar Bose”

“People have developed a taste for audio series, audio medium is very powerful, as your mind can create images no director ever could. Be your own director.. Tune into MnM Talkies

Source : NewsHelpline

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