Media FilmsCraft’s ‘Milke Diwali Manayenge’ Restoring The True Essence Of Diwali

Festival of Light is around the corner, brands are using all sorts of emotionally potent campaign to sell their products, but team Media FilmsCraft and Navroz Prasla Productions took the whole game to new level of kindness and positivity.

Milke Diwali Manayenge from the house of Media FilmsCraft and Navroz Prasla Productions is out and this one reconfirms out faith in humanity and highlights the true essence of Diwali Festival.

This is not just a song or a campaign, it’s the reality of our times; people are lonely and heartbroken after 2 years of slog during pandemic. The idea and concept of the campaign and its song, is inclusion of all race, religion, faith, ethnicity and social strata. Reach out and be kind, make someone’s Diwali special.

Festival of light doesn’t just signify the win of good over evil, but it is also a symbol of love, faith, kindness and looking after one another. In a subtle and unique way, team Media Filmscraft has reaffirmed the same with their new song, Milke Diwali Manayenge.

Crooned by Sandeep Jaiswal, composed by Gaurav Singh and lyrics by Gaurav Maheshwari. The song highlights the idea of reaching out to people and giving them your time, attention, love and little bit of concern, in the most touching way. The message in the song is simple yet strong, be the reason of someone’s smile and be the ray of hope that everyone’s has been looking for since the pandemic started.

Last two years has been nothing but mayhem, causing all sorts of disappointment, heartbreak, depression and loneliness due COVID-19. The scares of pandemic are not always visible. So this Diwali, celebrate it, team Media Filmscarft’s way. Reach out to people, be it a worker, doctor, front-liner, teacher, neighbour, everyone and anyone, be the reason for their hope, be the light in their darkness.

Celebrate Diwali with MediaFilmsCraft by spending your time, just a little time, with other and to acknowledge their existence because no amount of material gifts can match the warm-fuzzy feeling that you, as a family would give them!

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Source : NewsOnFloor

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