'Mein Mera Aasmaan': Trishita Maitra

‘Mein Mera Aasmaan’: Trishita Maitra

[Mumbai, Maharashtra, 18th February 2020] The internet and social media have drastically changed the way people all over the world interact and communicate. Since its launch, the social media platform YouTube has also changed the way we watch videos and consume content. Besides being a video-sharing platform, it is providing quality entertainment and education to its users at no cost. From music videos and movies to educational videos and news, the content available on the platform is endless. 

Many millennials today use YouTube as a medium to connect with their audience. One such YouTube star is singer Trishita Maitra. She has sung several Bollywood covers as well as her original singles. And she's recently released her new single 'Aasmaan'. The song is a lyrical conversation with nature and a metaphorical representation of self-love and self-acceptance. The song is available on all leading music apps like Spotify, Amazon music, YouTube music and many more.   

 As an artist, Trishita has been training in Indian Classical music since the tender age of 4 years. Her voice is influenced by 3 major cities - Satna in Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata, and Mumbai. In Indian Classical music, Trishita received training under several different Gharanas of music from the top musical gurus like Ustaad Rashid Khan, Mr. Shurju Bhattacharya who is the disciple of Manna Dey, Smt. Urvashi Jha who is Girija Devi's last disciple. Her training reflects in her marvelously melodious voice. Guess that's what makes her an idol her audience adore. 

When speaking to her about the conception of her new single 'Aasmaan' she says, "Aasmaan is the work of 3 people - Tripurari, who is the lyricist for the song, Anudutt M. S. who is the composer-producer and me. Initially, it was me who came up with the idea of Aasmaan which was just two lines with a little bit of the music and that's how we started working on the development of Aasmaan." She further goes on to say, “We absolutely enjoyed shooting for the music video. It was fun and we had an absolutely insane time shooting it! Shooting the video in Hrishikesh was the best decision in terms of the song lyrics. It is a very beautiful place which has a very peaceful and calm vibe to it. I feel this is what complimented the entire song. It was truly amazing.” 

The music video of the song is shot in the hills and valleys of Hrishikesh. It captures the scenic beauty of the city and life there. It is a typical vlog style video of friends enjoying and traveling together. The music video highlights the themes of friendship and togetherness along with the mystic beauty of nature. The song has a very soothing vibe to it. You can actually feel the mountain breeze blow through the lyrics of the song. It takes you back to moments with your friends and loved ones. The chorus is my personal favorite as it’s a subtle reminder to everyone listening to the song that ‘all you need is yourself’. If one has to rate this song objectively, I would give it a 5 star rating as this is one of the best singles that I’ve heard in a long time. In short, it’s one of the highly recommended songs on my top 20 list of 2020.

The music video for  'Aasmaan' is exclusively available on Trishita's YouTube channel - Trishita official. If you haven’t watched it yet go check it out now! You can also follow her journey through music on her Instagram page @trishita_official



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