Modi govt's Pak, Kashmir policy biggest failure: Congress
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Modi govt's Pak, Kashmir policy biggest failure: Congress


Jammu. Congress's Jammu and Kashmir unit has said that the biggest failure of the central government led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is its Pakistan and Kashmir policy.

Ravindra Sharma, Chief Spokesperson of Jammu Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee, while questioning the Modi government's policy on Pakistan and Kashmir, said that “The blow hot and blow cold policy of BJP towards Kashmir and Pakistan had been a total failure. Due to this large number of soldiers and civilians have to sacrifice their lives on the border and in Kashmir valley.

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He said “More particularly its u-turns now on its approach towards Kashmir and Pakistan, declaring unilateral ceasefire and willingness for talks when the situation was at its worst because of total failure of the government. The BJP government's policy is unclear and lacks stability.

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Sharma said that 374 soldiers of the army and security forces had to sacrifice. The ceasefire was violated 3000 times on the Line of Control and a large number of civilians were killed. The suffering of ordinary citizens on the Line of Control, the ceasefire violation and the sacrifices of army and security forces are much more than the previous figures.

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