Modi's three strong declarations for India at UN, second announcement is most special

Friday was a special day in the United Nations General Assembly. The whole of India was eyeing the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who he was going to deliver from the world's largest platform. Modi in his speech talked from development to the environment. Modi said, "We are residents of a country that has given Buddha, not war." Apart from this, Modi also announced three explosions from this big platform. The second announcement is very special among them. Announcement number 1 When the Prime Minister of India got the world's largest stage, he gave the first statement strongly. Modi spoke of the global problem that has become a challenge for many countries. Modi talked about stopping single-use plastic. He announced that a campaign is being done in India for this and India will stop this problem.

Declaration number 2 Modi made the second announcement at the world's largest stage, the United Nations General Assembly, which is the most special. Modi declared that India is trying to eradicate TB disease from its country. With this, Modi announced that by 2030, India will free TB from the country, our country has set such a goal.

Declaration number 3 In his speech, Modi preferred development rather than Pakistan. He talked about the environment and announced another big bang. Modi made a third announcement that in the coming five years, his government will deliver water to 150 million homes. At the same time, he also mentioned the target of constructing 2 crore houses by the year 2022.

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