Mount Abu is the combination of both Nature and beauty: Visit once
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Mount Abu is the combination of both Nature and beauty: Visit once


Nobody wants to go in the desert in the summer ? But if someone tells you that there is also a beautiful hill station in the desert, which is not less than the hill stations of any other states. We are talking about interesting hill station Mount Abu of Rajasthan. Best place to travel in the summer.

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Nakki lake:

Located on almost of 3,737 feet in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, the lake is in a radius of around two and a half kilometers, where the craze to do boating is different. All the scenes are very beautiful, if you look at the green plates, the rows of date palms, the hills between the lakes and islands are beautiful scenes to visit.

Sunset point:

From here, you can see the beautiful view of the sunset, the golden color of the rising sun gives the mountain ranges for a few moments to wear the golden crown. The sun set here looks hanging like 'ball'.

Honeymoon point:

Honeymoon point is here at Kapal, two kilometers away from Sunset Point. In the evening, a lot of peoples come here ,to scene the beuatiful view, is also known as 'Andra Point'.

Toad Rock:

Surely Todd Rock is located just a short distance from the Nakki lake, whose shape is like a frog, which attracts the attention of tourists.

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Udaipur Airport is 185 km far from Mount Abu. Similarly, Ahmedabad Airport is located 235 kilometers away, while Jodhpur Airport is 267 kilometers away.

The closest railway station of Mount Abu is Abu Road, which is situated only 28 kilometers away. This railway station is on Delhi-Ahmedabad big line (broad gauge), where all trains stop.

To roam Mount Abu , November to August is the best time.

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