Names, numbers on jerseys look ridiculous in Tests: Bret Lee

New Delhi, Aug 4 (IANS) Former Australia bowling great Brett Lee is not happy with the names of the players and numbers being printed on Test jerseys and termed the move as 'ridiculous'.

England and Australia, presently competing in the first Test of the much-awaited Ashes series, have become the first nations in the history of Test cricket to wear names and numbers on their jerseys. The first Test in Birmingham also marked the launch of the ICC World Test Championship.

"For what it's worth I'm strongly against the players numbers & names appearing on the back of test cricket shirts! I think it looks ridiculous. @ICC I love the changes you've made to cricket in general, but on this occasion, you've got it wrong. #tradition #cleanskin #nonames," Lee tweeted.

Earlier, former Australia wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist had also termed the initiative as 'rubbish'. In a tweet, Gilchrist said: "In fact, I'll take my apology back. The names and numbers are rubbish. Enjoy the series, everyone."

In another tweet, Gilchrist said: "Outstanding. We are underway. Sorry to sound old fashioned but not liking the names and numbers."

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had come with the idea of mentioning names and numbers on jersies as an initiative to help fans connect with the players.



Source : ians

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