Narayana Health City successfully removed a 20 cm cancerous tumor in the uterus entailing blood vessels and nerves

- Lack of proper treatment could have led to a loss of limbs to the patient

BANGALORE, India, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gynaec Oncology Department of Narayana Health City has added another feather to its illustrious medical history by saving a 30-year-old from a rare condition. The patient was suffering from a large cancerous tumor in the uterus which had not only affected the functioning of her uterus, it had affected the functioning of her legs as well. The team of doctors at Narayana Health City, Bangalore successfully removed the tumor and saved her from the condition.

Hailing from West Bengal, the patient was brought to Narayana Health City with complaints of pain in abdomen along with swelling of the right feet. During examination, it was identified that she has been suffering from this pain for quite some time and has been diagnosed with presence of a tumor in the uterus by the doctor at her home town. They even advised her to undergo a surgery, however, when she was taken for surgery at another hospital in her home town, the team found her to be inoperable as there was a suspicion of involvement of the blood vessels, especially of external iliac artery (blood vessel which supplies the blood flow to the leg), veins and the ureter. The search for a quality health care brought them to Narayana Health City. Though a high risk one, Dr. Rohit Ranade, Dr Robbie George - Sr Consultant Vascular Surgery and Dr Saurabh Bhargava - Sr Consultant Urology and team took it up.

Speaking about the case, Dr. Rohit Ranade, Gynaecology Oncology Consultant and Robotic Surgeon, Narayana Health City, Bangalore, said, "When the patient visited us, she was barely able to walk as the tumor was compressing her nerves. The tumor was around 20 cms and it covered the vein which takes the impure blood back to the heart completely. In fact, the deoxygenated blood from the leg was not going back to the heart and this made her leg swell. It even affected her ability to walk. Further, the nerves which are responsible for the functioning of the muscle were also obstructed owing to the tumor. Any delay in treatment would have resulted in tumor affecting the artery or causing severe bleeding inside the abdomen and eventually leading to death. Another causality would have been her leg, lack of appropriate treatment would have led to the leg becoming completely dead. We removed the tumor completely along with the vascular structures (external Illiac vessels and the ureter) and did a vascular reconstruction and ureteric re-implantation."

"Though an 8 hour long surgery, we manged it successfully with the help of our team consisting of gynaecological oncosurgeons, vascular surgeons and urological oncosurgeons," added Dr. Rohit.

The patient did not have any major neurological or vascular damage and recovered well. The patient was discharged within six days post-surgery.

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