Nat Geo documentary on Titanic to release next year

For the documentary, which has been filmed by Atlantic Productions, the wreck of RMS Titanic has been revisited. A manned submersible went down to the bottom of the North Atlantic (3,810 meters/12,500 feet) in a groundbreaking expedition in early August.

Five dives were made over eight days at the Titanic's resting place, 370 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada, reports

Using high-tech equipment, the team captured footage and images of the wreck that can be used to create 3D models for future augmented and virtual reality.

"'Mission Titanic' will air on National Geographic in 2020. Our team of passionate explorers are currently surveying wreckage of the Titanic that sank over 100 years ago as a part of our constant efforts of spotlighting stories of exploration," a National Geographic spokesperson said.

Lying almost 4,000 meters below in cold water of one-degree celcius, the wreck has become vulnerable to sweeping eddies and everchanging sea currents. Salt corrosion, metal-eating bacteria and deep current action have had an impact on the wreck.

The team observed an area of particular deterioration was the officer's quarters of the ship, where the captain had his rooms.



Source : ians

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