Now the Sindh CM also said - PM Imran Khan is begging around the world

Even after the new government came, there has been no change in Pakistan's policy. Under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan is openly demanding funds from around the world. This criticism has not only been done by other people, but mostly from their own people. Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah of Sindh province said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is begging for financial support from the countries of the world.

During a debate on Pakistani news channel Saman TV, he said that Imran Khan is begging around the world. Those who do not have any knowledge of politics today, they are sitting in the government, whose loss is happening to the country.

Let us tell you that on January 5, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a $ 6.2 billion help. The crown prince of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will announce it on his Pakistani visit.

Apart from this, the $ 3.2 billion oil-related rebate is being said to meet the $ 3 billion in the cash aid. Let us say that on the same day last year, Saudi Arabia had also announced to help Pakistan pay such a sum.

Significantly, since Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has come to power he has been consistently saying that Pakistan's financial condition is not well. For this he has asked help from countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China and America.

However, the US has given many shocks to Pakistan. In addition to stop the military financial help, other financial help is also stopped by US. Significantly, recently Imran Khan, who had gone on a visit to China, where China announced to help its friend Imran Khan in any ways.

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