OMG!! some fans did not like Virat Kohli’s handsome looks
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OMG!! some fans did not like Virat Kohli’s handsome looks


Team India Captain Virat Kohli not only make identity in the world of Cricket but also become a style icon in the country. Although some fans did not like Kohli's stylish look. Instead of praising Kohli they always commented on Kohli's hairstyle, tattoos, beard and look.

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If Fans remembered, a fashion magazine featured a stylish photo of Virat Kohli was become the cover page of this magazine, which become quite fierce. Critics said that Team India's captain should pay more attention to his game than fashion. This is the answer given by Team India's Captain Virat Kohli.

In an interview, Kohli said, "The trend of making absurd comments on look and style of players is not new. I have suffered all this from the beginning of my career. Linking a player's stylish look to his professional field is not exactly right. I have scored a century on the field after gifting tattoos and stylish hairstyles. I can also wear a dive on the field with tattoos and stylish hairstyles. "

Kohli said, "If you are not leaving anything left to give your hundred percent on the field, then surely you will get success." It has never been anything from fashion. However, in the current round, the players do not pay much attention to all these things. They descend on the field in the style of their choice and play freely, which is also important. It is not right to assess the talent of a player on the basis of his stylish style.

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Before Virat Kohli, in the similar kind of case was also happen with opener Murali Vijay . Vijay said that because of his stylish hairstyle, the junior level selectors did not select him in the team. He had told that the selectors used to keep a watch on their big hair more than their performance report cards.

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