OnePlus 6 gets selfie portrait mode soon via OTA update
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OnePlus 6 gets selfie portrait mode soon via OTA update


At the point when OnePlus declared the OnePlus 6 a month ago, the organization additionally guaranteed that the lead will get a seflie portrait mode soon through OTA refresh. Remaining consistent with its pledge, OnePlus has begun revealing the component by means of OxygenOS 5.1.6 refresh in select nations beginning with China (HydrogenOS 5.1.6) a couple of days prior. The refresh is presently accessible for OnePlus 6 clients in India, which not just brings Portrait Mode for the front camera yet in addition brings bolster for Idea VoLTE benefit in India, battery rate in the status bar and fixes soundness issues, in addition to other things.

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The OxygenOS 5.1.6 refresh, which is said to be around 223MB in saize, brings various highlights and changes, some of which were guaranteed by the organization amid the dispatch of the OnePlus 6. Obviously, the most prominent of them is the Portrait Mode highlight for the front camera. Following the refresh, clients will have the capacity to catch bokeh shots by means of the selfie camera. Since the OnePlus 6 does not offer double front cameras, the profundity impact is made with the assistance of a solitary 16-megapixel front camera and programming.

We tested the selfie portrait feature, which now shows up on the bottom next to the Video and Photo modes, and found that the OnePlus 6 does a decent job at blurring the background of the subject uniformly. However, don't expect the subject to look sharp and distinct from the background as most of the times we found the edges of the subject to look soft and blurred as well. That being said, adding a selfie portrait mode is always a welcome feature today and OnePlus 6 users should be pleased. In addition to the selfie Portrait Mode, the OxygenOS 5.1.6 update also adds preview for Light Bokeh effect in Portrait Mode of the rear camera.

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The update also enables Idea VoLTE services in India, fixes stability issues for dual SIM cards and adds dual-4G network option in SIM and network settings. The changelog adds that the update optimises call quality, improves ringtone volume and sound quality, adds the ability to schedule Do Not Disturb mode and also brings smart answer for Bluetooth, allowing users to answer incoming calls when connecting to Bluetooth devices. Notably, the OTA update also brings back battery percentage in the status bar.

The changelog includes that the refresh streamlines call quality, enhances ringtone volume and sound quality, adds the capacity to plan Do Not Disturb mode and furthermore brings shrewd response for Bluetooth, enabling clients to answer approaching calls when interfacing with Bluetooth gadgets. Prominently, the OTA refresh additionally brings back battery rate in the status bar. The most recent OxygenOS 5.1.6 will take off OTA for clients in India beginning today. OnePlus 6 clients can make a beeline for Settings and System Updates to physically check for the refresh.

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