Onion price caught fire, now more expensive than apple in Shimla

Onion prices are skyrocketing once again. Onion prices have come under fire in many cities. It has crossed Rs 90 per kg. In most cities, onion prices are just above Rs 60 per kg. But the situation in Shimla has become such that it has become expensive onion from apple.

According to media reports, apple prices have fallen by Rs 60 per kg in the last 15 days. The apple sold at Rs 100 to 120 per kg is now being sold at Rs 40 to 50 per kg. Onion rates have doubled in the last 15 days. 15 days ago, onion selling at Rs 30 has reached Rs 60 per kg. While Apple has come in the reach of the common people, the onion prices of onions have made it out of reach of the common people.

The onion was being sold at Rs 60 per kg in the Lower Bazaar vegetable market of Shimla on Sunday, while onion was being sold by Rs 10 more than Rs 70 per kg in the suburbs including Kisan Mandi of Panchayat Bhawan. In the fruit shops of Sabzi Mandi, golden and royal apples were selling at Rs 40 per kg, while at the local bus stand and Sanjauli, apples were selling for Rs 50 to 60 per kg.

In many reports, shopkeepers have told that onion production is witnessing such a rapid rise in onion producing states due to heavy rains and flood situation. Due to heavy rains, new onion crop is not being supplied to North India from Maharashtra, Karnataka and other South Indian states.

An onion seller said that due to heavy rains in Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat and some states of Maharashtra, there has been a tremendous jump in onion prices. After the shortage of better quality onions in the market, prices of onion may increase further in the coming days. The last time such an increase in onion prices was recorded in the year 2015. During that time, onion prices had crossed Rs 100 per kg after the crop was destroyed by floods.

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