Online gaming is on boom, Half a billion of population is a online gamer in China

China is known for having the world’s largest population of 1.42 billion and largest military force of 2.18+ million in the world. However an interesting data released last year in a report on China's Internet development which says China had 494 million online game players. Accounting for 57.8 percent of all cybercitizens in the country. 

Official state-run press agency of the People's Republic of China Xinhua news agency reported this. Among 494 million users, 468 million users play games on cell phones, which is 9.23 million more than the previous years data.

This increase of 9.72 million in the number of users shall be considered a great number from an online gaming industry perspective and this number is keep on increasing day by day. 

Major reason behind the increase of the online gaming population is because cloud services were highlighted in industrial development, which was widely adopted by game developers and created better user experience.

The online game market had been expanding, with domestic game firms continuing to invest in overseas game developers and beefing up product export, said the report. 

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Source : NewsOnFloor

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