Pia Benegal designs outfits for Devika Rani play

Mumbai, Aug 27 (IANS) Pia Benegal, daughter of veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal, has been roped in to recreate the look of Devika Rani, who is widely regarded as First Lady of Indian Cinema.

Pia's designs are for Lillete Dubey's next directorial venture, a play on Devika Rani.

"Devika's personality, combined with the time at which she ruled, were the main guidance points for me. I've used multiple materials to craft every outfit according to the situation and the scene. A lot of background research on her films and photographs was done. She had a sophisticated and classy personality and I have tried to bring that out," Pia said.

"I'm not trying to replicate the past. Rather, I want to give a feel of that period and I'm sure Lillete Dubey is doing the same, too. The world of theatre and film are very different. Theatre is a living medium and requires a designer to create a sense of change with minimum costumes.

"It's necessary to think about the comfort of the actors so that they are focussed on their part, and their lines. Lesser changes and accessory additions work best for theatre. Time and finance are the major challenges that we face but they also help us innovate within the spectrum," Pia added.

Personifying women empowerment in a patriarchal society in the 1930s, Devika Rani was said to be an embodiment of strength, courage and valour.

Directing a tribute to her through a play, Lilette brings alive her story through theatre. The play focuses on the life and struggles of an independent, ambitious woman who was determined to make it big in the acting profession.

The play has actress Ira Dubey essaying the titular role. It will be performed across cities like Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.



Source : ians

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