Plane Crashed in Switzerland, 20 people died
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Plane Crashed in Switzerland, 20 people died


In the mountains of Switzerland, an old plane of World War II crashed. 20 people have died in this accident. Police spokesman Etienne Senti told that 20 people were in the plane, none of which could be saved.

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He told that there are 11 men and nine women in the dead. The dead included a couple from Austria and his son. The Junker JU 52 HB-HOT aircraft was built in 1939 in Germany. It was a victim of an accident at the Pigeon Segunas mountain in the eastern part of the country. It is 3000 meters high mountain.

The spokesman said that the accident occurred at an altitude of 2,540 meters. According to the German-language newspaper 'Bleak', the plane flew from Tichino located in the south of the country and was scheduled to land in Dübendorf airspace near Zurich on Saturday afternoon. A newspaper told that the plane was full and felt to the ground like a stone.

Debris spread to a very small area. This indicates that there is no possibility of an accident due to the explosion. The police had earlier told that five helicopters have been planted in search and rescue operations and the airspace of the incident has also been closed on Sunday.

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As per reports this aircraft was of the JU-Air Company, which belongs to the Swiss Air Force. JU-Air has expressed grave condolences on the accident on its website and has expressed condolences to the families of passengers and crew members killed in the accident. It said that the company has stopped flying operations.

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