Police warned, putting such messages on social media may cost dearly

These days Jammu and Kashmir dispute is in full swing. In such a situation, users are forwarding news related to this on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. If you are sharing related messages then be a little careful. Prabhat Dixit, media in-charge of Senior Superintendent of Police, has said in a statement issued to the media that before publishing any news regarding the Jammu and Kashmir case, it should be confirmed by the competent authorities.

Let me tell you that he has cautioned people using social media not to forward any information without confirmation. The media in-charge says that unconfirmed reports can lead to tensions and rumours. At the same time, he says that legal action will be taken against those who forward the unconfirmed news on social media. In this case, District Information Officer Rakesh Chauhan has also issued an alert for those using social media.

Along with this, in a release issued through the District Officer, it has been said that the general public should not forward any unconfirmed news on social media due to which tensions spread. The government on Monday introduced a bill in the Rajya Sabha proposing to divide the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories.

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