Protest affects Gurugram-Delhi traffic

New Delhi, Aug 30 (IANS) The traffic moved at a snail's pace on the stretch from Gurugram towards Delhi on Friday afternoon due to a demonstration being carried out by local residents. The snarl-up continued past evening rush hours.

Commuters who were stuck in the traffic took to twitter and posted their updates. The situation was worst near Ghitorni as the locals staged a protest against lack of water supply in the area. The stretch from Mahatma Gandhi Road moving to Sikanderpur and up to Ghitorni also saw bumper-to-bumper traffic.

One of the commuters, Shikha, posted on her twitter account "Anyone travelling on MG Road this morning and stuck in traffic? There's been an absolute standstill before Ghitorni... don't know why!" she said tagging the Delhi Traffic police (DTP) twitter handle.

The Delhi Traffic Police was swift to respond and said: "Area traffic officer has been informed as per information from area traffic staff, traffic is heavy due to demonstration near Ghitorni metro station, traffic staff is present and regulating the traffic".

Ruchika, who was also stuck in the jam, wrote on her twitter account: "Travelling from Chattarpur towards Gurugram on MG road, severe traffic jam near Sultanpur Metro Station."

Even though the traffic police officials were constantly posting details on their twitter account, commuters were angry as to why people were allowed to protest at a place from where maximum traffic passes.



Source : ians

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