Punjab CM rejects party MP's allegation on sacrilege

Chandigarh, Aug 16 (IANS) Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday rejected his Congress party's MP Pratap Singh Bajwa's allegation that the Advocate General's office had misled the state and the assembly on the sensitive issue of withdrawal of the Bargari sacrilege cases from the CBI.

In a statement issued here, Amarinder Singh dubbed Bajwa's statement to a section of the media as a case of either ignorance or blatant mischief, and totally baseless.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the decision to withdraw the cases from the CBI was taken by the House, on merit and was in line with the recommendations of the Advocate General's Office.

His government had sought the advice of the Advocate General before introducing a resolution in the House seeking withdrawal of the cases from the central agency in the interest of the state, said the Chief Minister.

However, he pointed out that the Advocate General's recommendation or report was at no stage presented before the House, which took an independent decision, on merit, by consensus.

Bajwa, therefore, had no knowledge or information on what the Advocate General had recommended, he said, adding the MP's allegation was clearly unfounded and not based on any facts.



Source : ians

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