Qureshi slams India's statement on 'no first use' n-policy

Islamabad, Aug 17 (IANS) Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday termed Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singhs statement over a possible change in its "no first use" nuclear policy as a "damning reminder of India's unbridled thirst for violence".

In a post on Twitter, Rajnath Singh said on Friday that while India had remained firmly committed to the doctrine of "no first use", what would happen in the future would depend on circumstances.

Responding to the remark, Qureshi said in a tweet: "Another damning reminder of India's unbridled thirst for violence. Contrast to Pakistan's aggressive efforts to galvanise diplomacy as the UN Security Council met for 1st time formally since ‘65 on IOK validating International dispute status. History reminds fascist warmongering state can never win."

The Pakistan Foreign Minister had earlier called Rajnath Singh's remark "shocking and irresponsible".

"The substance and timing of the Indian Defence Minister's statement is highly unfortunate and reflective of India's irresponsible and belligerent behaviour. It further exposes the pretense of their no first use policy to which we have never accorded any credence," he said on Friday.

"Pakistan has always proposed measures relating to nuclear restraint in South Asia and has eschewed measures that are offensive in nature. Pakistan will continue to maintain a credible minimum deterrence posture."



Source : ians

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