Raj Kundra Raises His Voices In Support Of Farmers

Chakka Jam has started in Delhi as thousands of farmers continue to observe Bharat Bandh at several border points of the national capital. The all-India strike call was announced by the farmers to protest against three farm laws passed by the Centre. The Bandh call has received a mixed response from across the country.
Business tycoon Raj Kundra who is mainly known for being a star husband came forward and raised his voice in support of the farmers. He stated that it’s very important to hear the farmers and make out necessary changes as they are the ones who feed the whole nation.
Raj wrote, “The hands that feed the country need to be heard. I am confident and sure that what @narendramodi ji has wanted to implement is for the best interests of the farmers and our country it’s most likely not been understood or outlined properly hence it’s important to hear the farmers out and make the necessary changes to protect our soldiers of soil #farmers #punjab #india”
On the personal front, Raj Kundra started his journey from a rough ground but has surely made it large both on the professional and personal front. He was associated with Essential Sports and Media which was involved with production and distribution apart from sports, and Iconic Investments, a private fund trading in equity markets. Other ventures included Satyug Gold, Super Fight League, and more recently Bastian Hospitality a famous restaurant chain in Mumbai.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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