Ranu Mandal and Himesh Reshammiya mocked on social media, users shared such pictures

Ranu Mandal remains a social media sensation these days. Everyone is going crazy about her sweet voice. From Youtube to Twitter and Instagram, there are discussions of Ranu Mandal everywhere and even if her sweet voice falls in the ears, the heart feels very happy. Ranu Mandal, who once used to sing songs at the station to make a living, but today she is no less than a big celebrity. And the credit goes to Himesh Reshammiya who gave her a chance to sing in his upcoming film. But some social media users liked this viral video so much that users started copying it. In the picture, you can see that 2 naughty boys have made a mic by placing a pipe in the bucket and hanging the inverted bottle over it. In this picture, one boy is Ranu Mandal and the other one is Himesh. These two boys are seen acting Ranu and Himesh. Many such pictures and videos are becoming viral on social media, in which social media users are seen acting Himesh Reshammiya. The same social media users are also commenting on these pictures in various ways. One user wrote - These boys are doing good acting with Himesh. Another user wrote you are the one who made Ranu Mandal famous and now you are making fun of her. Let us tell you that Ranu Mandal used to live by singing at the railway station. One day when a boy named Yatindra Charkavarti heard her singing the song, he recorded her video and shared it on social media. After which her video started going viral on many social media sites. After this, Himesh Reshammiya got this video through the reality show. Himesh decided that he would give Ranu a chance to sing. When she wanted to contact him, the matter turned around and reached out to Yatindra Chakravarty, who created this video, because he had first met Ranu and knew where she lived. After contacting Yatindra, he had to bring Ranu to Mumbai. It is said that Yatindra took Ranu to Mumbai by flight.

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