Read Out Trending News of 18 th July 2018 In Just One Click
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Read Out Trending News of 18 th July 2018 In Just One Click

Chattisgarh: A 2 years old innocent died because….

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Raipur,Chhattisgarh's capital where a case came out when the Ambulance door did not get open while taking to the hospital,a two years old innocent died.

Allowed Outside food in Cinema Halls in Maharashtra

Ambika Singh, living in Bihar's Gaya district, says that her daughter of two and a half months was suffering from heart problem. Whose treatment he had reached from delhi to Raipur with his wife. When he reached Raipur, he realized that the condition of the girl is worsening. Seen the condition of the girl, she contacted the free ambulance service Sanjevani Express 108. After that ambulance reached the railway station.

He told that when the child reached the nearby doctor Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital, then the door of Ambulance did not open and he was stuck inside. When they got trapped for 40 minutes in the ambulance they tried to break the window of the ambulance. But employees of the hospital refused to do so. When the ambulance door does not open even after a lot of difficulty, then they come out of the window. Later the doctors declared the child is no more.

Ambulance service officials have denied the incident of opening the door for a long time and this is the reason for the death of the child. In the state, GVK EMRI official Sibu Kumar, who operated the Sanjevani Express facility in the state, said on Tuesday that at 10.15 in the morning, 108 the call came that a child has trouble breathing. After the information, at 10.18 AM, Sanjevani Express reached Ambulance Railway Station.

Indian Army to sold his biggest property: Read once

Kumar told that the staff present in the ambulance checked the child's wales but did not get any response from the child. After this the child was taken to Ambedkar Hospital. But due to some technical problem on arrival at the hospital, the door of the ambulance is not open. Then without delay, the child and the family were taken out of the window and admitted to the hospital.

Trump and Putin closer relations would prove successful for India: Read once

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Before the discussion with US President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the two countries had said that they don't have much hope with this meeting .But after this meeting, Trump has said that the decision to strengthen relations with Russia was incorrect, justifying the investigation of the FBI, the country's intelligence agency, regarding Russian intervention in the 2016 elections. The American people have expressed disaffection over Trump's statement. After this, Trump tweeted that the reason for poor relations with Russia is our thinking because we are being investigating by targeting Russia. Russia has welcomed this statement of Trump but Trump has proved wrong its own intelligence agency.

At Least 11 killed in Terrorist Attack On Afghanistan Government Building

After this, the American media also says disloyal to Trump for this statement. It was said to Trump that Russia supported Trump during the elections and due to this Trump has misjudged its intelligence agency. But the two of them together will be prove most beneficial for India. India always remains in trouble with which country he stand. India has welcomed Russia and the US discussions. Taking the two countries together in front of India had become a major challenge.

Indian Security Agencies arrested the Afghani Terrorists who wants to destroy Country’s Capital

In the last few days, the US has put pressure on Pakistan and China, but Russia had supported both of these countries. For this reason, India was having a lot of trouble. But coming with both of these, India can now launch a new campaign on terrorism. If India can agree with many of these issues about its issues, Modi also sent Trump's invitation to visit India.

B’day special: Some unseen pics of piggy chops

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Bollywood popular actress Desi Girl turns to 36 today, not only from Bollywood to Hollywood in Acting but her style and looks are also popular in B -town. Priyanka is from Bareilly Uttar Pradesh. PC’s journey from Miss World to Miss City, from Miss World to Bollywood and then to 'Quantico Girl', is truly appreciative. So on this special day of Priyanka, we are showing some unseen photographs and journey of his childhood.

Soorma earns Rs 8.25 crore In First Day

The angel seen in this picture is none she other she is Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. This picture of PC will be only 4 to 5 years old.

This photo of Priyanka Chopra is also one of her childhood memorable pictures. It may be difficult to identify Piggy Chops in this picture.

This picture is about the time when Priyanka's birth took place sometime. In this photo, Priyanka is seen in the lap of her father Ashok Chopra and mother Madhu Chopra.

Now take a look at this picture. In this picture, Desi girl is seen on one side along with her younger sister Parineeti Chopra while in the second picture she is with her friends at school.

You might have heard people say that daughters have much attactment to father in comparsion to mother. There was also same with PC she was very attached to her father. This picture is witness of this fact.

Priyanka Chopra's father Ashok Chopra passed away in 2013. At that time Priyanka was emotionally broken.

Priyanka Chopra's who has become the strenght of Bollywood and Hollywood too, now look at this picture, you will not be able to recognize them.

Taimur recently snapped at Airport with mumma Kareena

In this picture, Piggy chops is sitting with her father. In which she is seen with a woman, seeing that she is likely to be Priyanka's grandmother maternal grandmother.

From bollywood to Hollywood read some unheard stories of Desi Girl

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Today Piggy Chops is celebrating her 36 birthday. Nowadays she is in limelight because of affair with American singer Nick Jonas. Recently, several pictures of these last night romantic date are coming out. Few days later, Priyanka came to India with Nick, where Nick met Priyanka's mother Madhu Chopra. Nick is 10 years younger than Priyanka. Nick 25 and Priyanka are 35 years old but before Nick, Priyanka has given heart for 5 times. Let's know about Desi Girl's 5 affair.

Baby shower party of Shahid and Mira’s second child

1.When Pc's heart came on King Khan

Priyanka's heart came on Shahrukh Khan too. The two came closer during the film 'Don'. During that time both were often spotted together. When Shahrukh's wife Gauri know about their love affair, she called Priyanka at her home and threatened her to stay away from King Khan. After this, Priyanka made a distance from Shahrukh. Then the two ended up completely contact with each other. On many occasions, both of them were seen to be avoiding each other.

2.Akshay Kumar's name was also connected with Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra's name is also associated with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra have worked together in films such as 'Andaj', 'Mujhse Shadi Karogi', 'Atraj' and 'Waqt: Race Against Time'. Here Akshay's wife Twinkle Khanna refused Akshay to work with Priyanka.

3.Relationship with Harman

Harman had debuted with Priyanka Chopra with Love Story 2050 in the industry. On some occasions, after seeing these two together, the discussion of both affair also came in limelight. The film flopped badly after which the distance of Priyanka with Harman began to grow.

4.Shahid Kapoor was very close Desi Girl

Priyanka and Shahid always denied in the media that their relationship is not more than co-star with each other, but for a long time both have date each another. In some media reports it was said that when the officials of income officials department had raided Priyanka's house, then Shahid opened the door for her. Karan Johar questioned Shahid in coffee with Karan, Priyanka avoided, not now there is nothing between both of them

5.Gerard Butler

Congratulations!! Divyanka for 80 million followers on Instagram

Priyanka Chopra's name has also been connected with Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. When Gerrard Butler came to India, he had reached the set of films to meet Priyanka. It is also said that Gerard stayed at the house of Priyanka, not in any hotel in India. In the joy of her arrival, Priyanka gave a party at her house. Both of these affair were remains in the news for long time.

Is Dhoni really taking retirement?

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India’s ODI series against England ended with a big loss and with this loss, we have a shocking news for you. After this loss, MS Dhoni thinking about taking retirement from ODIs.

As the teams walked back to the dressing room, MS Dhoni was spotted taking the match ball from the umpires which is likely to have created retirement doubts in the minds of the fans. It is worth reminding that when MS Dhoni played his last Test match, against Australia in 2014, he had taken the stumps with him despite the match ending in a draw.

MS Dhoni stuck to the crease and ground out a score of 42 runs off 66 balls, which consisted of four fours and was played at a strike rate of 63.64. His innings enabled the lower order batsmen to gather themselves and ensure that the Men in Blue play out the complete quota of 50 overs.

After Dhoni's Lord's innings, former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar also weighed in on the issue, stating that the wicket keeper-batsman's innings reminded him of his own infamous knock of 36 runs in 174 balls.

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