Read Out Trending News of 24 July 2018 In Just One Click
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Read Out Trending News of 24 July 2018 In Just One Click

Be Careful: Dengue virus will repeat in 2018 after 3 years in a most terrible form

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Dengue virus shocked the entire country in 2015 including capital with it’s terrible form .According to the estimation of cycle such virus have been died now. But now scientists have a strong feeling that after completing the entire cycle dengue will be back in a dangerous form .According to agency of Health Department NVBDCP,the condition of health services have blown up in this regard.

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This is the reason that all the health-related agencies of Delhi Government have started an extensive action plan to limit the impact of dengue. In recent years, Dengue had made its most dangerous form in the year 2015 . In Delhi 15,867 people got affected by dengue. In the year 2016, 4,373 people and in 2017 ,4,726 people were came in the grip dengue.

What is the danger

The National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP) has issued a warning to the Delhi Government and Delhi Municipal Corporation about this. MCD (North) insectologist Babita Bist told to news that this year dengue can be more dangerous than 2015.

The reason is that virus of dengue repeats after every 3 years. Accordingly, the virus that has been invasive three years ago, can return in a most dangerous form, so that the action plan to deal with it is being speedily working.

An official associated with Delhi Health Service said that only 33 civic government hospitals of Delhi government share information related to dengue. Apart from NCDC and AIIMS, some private hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital share the information related to dengue.

While a large number of Delhi's people are treated with private hospitals whose data is not available to the government. The number of patients in 2015 of dengue can be very less than the reality. This year, the number of dengue patients can be estimated this year.

What are the measures

All the agencies including the Delhi Government Health Department, Delhi's three MCD, NDMC and Delhi Jal Board have started working on the action plan to deal with dengue. Medicine will sprayed at all the house including offices and under construction sites.

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According to the South Municipal Corporation's MHO BS Hazarika awareness campaign is being run in all the areas through school children. Apart from this, people are being alerted to dengue-chikunguniya by doing proclamation in the areas. Mosquitoes will be destroyed by spraying medicines in every area.

10 th BRICKS Summit must proof beneficial for India this year

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The 2018 BRICS summit is next to the tenth annual BRICS summit, an international relations conference attended by the heads of state or heads of five states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The summit will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the second time the South Africa has hosted the summit after the 2013 summit.

Hospital Overflows After Suicide Blast In Blast

Themes and Priorities for 2018 Summit

1) Establishment of a virtual vaccine research platform for collaboration with BRICS vaccine innovation and development partners.

2) Establishment of a BRICS gender and women's forum.

3) Establishment of a working group on peacekeeping.

4) Leveraging the strategy for BRICS economic partnership as linked to the 4 th industrial revolution.

PM Modi reached for three-nation tour of Africa on Monday, which started from Rwanda and will end in South Africa. He will attend the 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg from 25 to 27 July and would glad to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in the summit

The theme of BRICKS Summit this year is collaboration for inclusive growth and shared prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution'. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, BRICS leaders will discuss "global hotspot issues, international peace, and security, global governance, trade issues during the restricted session".

Along with BRICS Summit, Modi will also participate in Outreach with Leaders from Africa and Global South Summit too. In the BRICS Africa Outreach, the invited countries are Rwanda, Uganda, Togo, Zambia, Namibia, Senegal, Gabon, Ethiopia, Angola, and the African Union Chair.

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Apart from these Prime Minister's agenda is to bring up cross-border terrorism. India is quite pushing BRICKS nations to describe terrorism.

Woah!!Big Boss Season to start on this date check it out !!

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Fans are desperately waiting for the most awaited showThe Big Boss' Season 12 .Considering the last two seasons, along with celebrities, common persons all got chance to enter the house .But this time the makers of the show have done some changes in the concept. In fact this time pairs will become the part of Bigg Boss house.

Arjun kapoor congratulated Jahnvi on Tweeter for film Dhadak

Latest information related to 'Big Boss' has been revealed. According to the India reports, the makers have completed the preparations of the show. This show will be on air on TV from 16th September. Audition for Bigg Boss has already completed. Now it’s preparations are in its last phase.

This time pairs will participate in the show according to the new concept. Soon the name of the contestant's names will finally revealed. As per discussion Milind Soman, Priya Prakash and Deepika Singh, Asha Negi, Karan have been approached for the show.

Sexy wives of WWE wrestlers: have a look

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Craze of WWE in youth is increasing rapidly. This game has another passion to enjoy. 90’s kids love the most to watch WWE fight. You might have seen many challenges in the WWE ring, but do you know that some of these beautiful wrestlers have already married women's wrestlers? So today we are telling you about such couples of WWE. Who are ring masters as well as life partners.

15 July 2018 !! France won FIFA World Cup title for the second time

Undertaker and Michelle:

Michelle is the wife of most dangerous player and king of WWE . She is also a female wrestler. Both of them married each other in 2010. Michelle is 15 years younger than the king Undertaker, and today she had made distances have from wrestling rings, but whenever they appeared the ring, there a quite silence beings in other female wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar and Sable:

In the WWE ring, Brock Lesnar, who had challenged the biggest wrestler with his dangerous stake, married Wrestler Sable in the year 2006. In these wrestling games, both of them are quite popular with their competitors in their rivals, and both of them have many big-time championships.

CM Punk and AJ Lee:

WWE Male Wrestler CM Punk married Wrestler AJ Lee in 2014. Female Wrestler AJ Lee is beautiful women who has achieve many women titles in their name, while CM Punk is also a powerful wrestler.

John Cena and Nicky Bella:

Among the WWE Universe, John Cena has the highest fan following. The more Dashing John Cena is the more gorgeous his partner Nicky Bella . These two have been seen together in the WWE ring several times. These are one of the beautiful pairs of WWE Universe. Nicky Bella has been seen playing tag teams with mostly his sister, while John Cena has also been a WWE Champion.

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Triple H and Stephanie:

One time in the WWE Universe, Triple H has earned a lot of names as a wrestler, while many of the championships have made their names, but do you know his wife Stefani has also been a female wrestler. Stefani is also a female wrestling champion, the daughter of WWE CEO Vinci McMahon. The women are as good as Stephanie, as they are very dangerous.

Woah!! Mahi become the highest tax payer in year 2017-18

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Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's name is linked to the field for many records, but Caption cool contribution is equal in the term of economic cooperation .He has made this versatile record in paying highest tax. He has become the highest paying person in entire Jharkhand.

15 July 2018 !! France won FIFA World Cup title for the second time

According to a report in the financial year 2017-18, Dhoni has deposited Rs 12.17 crore in tax. Not only in Jharkhand but in Bihar also, no one pays such tax as Dhoni pays every year . Its information is given by Joint Commissioner Nisha Aaron of IT Headquarters (Bihar and Jharkhand).

According to Nisha Aaron, Dhoni has deposited the highest tax in the Bihar Jharkhand region in the financial year 2017-18. Earlier, in 2016-17, the 37-year-old Dhoni had deposited Rs 10.93 crore in the financial year. Dhoni also had the highest tax payer in 2013-14. "

New York's famous Magazine Forbes also revealed about Dhoni's earnings. According to a report in 2015, Dhoni had earned about Rs 217 crore this year.About 24 crores of his salary and the rest of the pyment came from advertisements.

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Dhoni went to England tour for crickert series. After his performance in ODIs and T-20, discussion about his retirement comes in limelight. But there is no such statement from Dhoni on behalf of retirement yet.

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