Read Out Trending News of 25 July 2018 In Just One Click
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Read Out Trending News of 25 July 2018 In Just One Click

A farmer of Sindholi village committed suicide due to….

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Uttar Pradesh: 5 days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Farmer Kalyan rally, young farmer who was in trouble by bank loan of Sindholi village named Harinandan dixit had committed suicide. In the suicide note, he has written that if the loan is not waived, he will take any action. Harinandan took a loan of 60 thousand rupees from IDBI Bank on April 16, 2015. Due to not giving payment on time, the amount of the loan highly increased. He had a loan of Rs 2,18,587 right now. His son Dilip told that he continued to revolve around the bank after the debt waiver scheme.

How would be the new Note of Rs 100: read once

Due to the carelessness of bank employees and officials, they did not get involved in the debt waiver plan, due to which they were disturbed. On Monday evening, at about four o'clock in the morning, they came out of the house by saying that he is going to district headquarters. On Tuesday morning, around 6 o’clock Dilip's son Priyal informed that Baba's was hanging in the cottage in the farm.

Innocent girl was allegedly gang raped by 12 boys in Bihar District

According to the officials writing of suicide note had also matched.

Hydroelectric dam breaks in South Korea's Laos

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On Tuesday, Massive flooding from a South Korean-constructed hydroelectric dam in Laos left several people dead and hundreds missing.

More than 6,600 people are homeless, the Lao News Agency reported. It showed pictures of villagers wading through muddy floodwater carrying belongings. Others boarded rickety wooden boats or stood on the roofs of partially submerged houses.

Several dams are being built or are planned in Laos, an impoverished and landlocked communist country that exports most of its hydropower energy to neighbouring countries like Thailand.

In this accident, several human lives claimed, and several hundreds of people missing.

Several houses in the southern part of the district were also swept away, the report said, and officials in the province put out a call for relief aid for flood victims.

10 th BRICKS Summit must proof beneficial for India this year

When everyone’s favorite Anguri Bhabhi become Charlie Chaplin: Must Watch

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Most popular show of TV "Bhabhi jii ghr par hain" will serve with a new twist in upcoming episode. In which everyone's favorite Anguri Bhabhi aka Shubhangi Atre will be seen in the look of iconic comedian Charlie Chaplin. Photos of new look are becoming quite viral on social media. The special thing is that Shubhangi looks like Sridevi in the Charlie Chaplin Look.

TV’s popular bahu Akshara aka Hina gets legal notice for…

In the film Mr India Sridevi was seen as Charlie Chaplin on the silver screen .The sequel to the film that she made Charlie Chaplin was a memorable one. Her facial expressions with amazing comedies won the hearts of everyone.

Arjun kapoor congratulated Jahnvi on Tweeter for film Dhadak

Now, Anguri Bhabhi can decide how much will won the heart of audience would be quite exciting to watch. Regarding this new look, Shubhangi said, "Srideviji plays all the characters well, especially the role of Charlie Chaplin. If I can give this role some bit like them, then it will be very much. They were a role model for many for me too. I am proud that I am refreshing the memories associated with them again. "

She says, "I am very excited about the role of Charlie Chaplin. Playing the role of Legendary Comedian is a big challenge for me. People have always seen Anguri Bhati in a traditional look but now they will see my different look "

OMG!! Gori Mem aka Samuya Tandon suffering from this disease…

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Bhabhi ji ghar par hain” is the most popular comedy serial of Tv. Anguri Bhabhi, Gori Mem, Vibhuti Bhaiya and Tiwari ji brought this show to another level of success. There was a news that Gori Mem aka Samuya Tandon is saying goodbye to the show. But Benefar kohli, producer of the show has called it a rumor.

Bad news for Bhabhi jii ghar par hain Fans, This popular character to leave the show..

Kohli told that she was suffering from hepatitis and she is getting treatment. She will return to the shoot soon. Earlier, the information was coming out that she will be seen in Bigboss 12.

Saumya is the part of show from 3 years. Earlier, Shilpa, who played Anguri Bhabhi's lead role, has left the show after having a dispute with Vikas Gupta.She is replaced by Shubhangi Atre.

It was believed that if Saumya also left the show like Shilpa, than TRP of the show will goes down .But now the news is that she is not going anywhere so there is no need to panic.

List of Bigboss 12Contestants: check them out

An Indian Astrologer is telling WWE Superstar’s future: read once

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Baurn Strawman is enjoying his Indian tour these days. Baurn Strawman also liked the Indian Culture, costume and food too.

Crickter KL Rahul and actress Nidhi Agrawal spending quality time together in London

Recently a picture of Baurn Strawman is becoming quite viral on social media. In this picture, Baurn has been met astrologer and showing hid hand lines to him. What does astrologer told to Born related to his fate is not clear yet, but his picture made him quite popular from India to America.

In fact, this picture of the Born has been posted by the WWE itself on its official Twitter account. This picture was shared along with a caption , "An Indian astrologer looking at the hand of Baurn Strawman and telling his future. Can you tell what they saw ??

India v/s England: when, where read the full details here…

Born who is getting very close to Mumbai, also met many of Bollywood's big personalities. Bron has also met Bollywood's Superstar Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan. Apart from this he also met several young athletes during Special Olympics International.

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