Read Out Trending News of 27 July 2018 In Just One Click
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Read Out Trending News of 27 July 2018 In Just One Click

Sanitary Napkins including refrigerators and more will be cheaper from today : read once

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Some common daily products, including sanitary napkins, footwear and refrigerators, price will be decreases from today. The goods and services tax (GST) has been reduced tax on these products. The GST Council, chaired by Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, had removed highest tax from many products of 28 percent last week and was given 18 percent tax slab. New tax rates will be applied from today. On Refrigerator, washing machine, small screen TV, storage water heater,18 percent GST would be applicable from today. Earlier 28 percent GST rate was applicable on these products. Sanitary Napkin has been exempted from GST. Earlier, 12 percent tax was applicable on Sanitary Napkins.

New initative of Modi governmet for daughters under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

What happened cheaper?

On less than 1000 rupees price has been reduced up to 12 to 5 percent on shoes, paints, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, TV sets up to 25 inches, and a dozen electronics goods have been reduced from 28 to 18 percent GST. Lithium-ion batteries, vacuum cleaners, food grinders, mixers, storage water heaters will now have 18 percent GST. GD has been reduced by 10 percent on head dryer, hand dryer, paint, varnish, water cooler, milk cooler, ice cream cooler. Perfume, toilet spray etc. will also be 10 percent less GST on the product.

A women suffering from Domestic Violence in Faridabad finally got justice ….

Hadbags, jewelery boxes, wooden box of petting, handmade lamps have reduced GST to 12%. In addition, the imported urea has been cut by 5%. GST has been reduced from 28% to 18% on the washing machine. In addition, the imported urea has been cut by 5%. GST has been reduced from 28% to 18% on the washing machine. Also tell that idol, marble, rakhi, wood sculptures have been given great relief

PM Modi to transform Digital India to Digital World

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Along with BRICKS members Prime Minister Modi wants to make a world of dreams. His biggest dream is to transform Digital India into a digital world. On Thursday, july 26 he shared his views of New World Dream plan with BRICS members of other state.

Trump and Putin closer relations would prove successful for India: Read once

Modi's dream of New World depends on technology revolutions, where every work will be made easier through technology. From education to market and office everything would be done online in New World .Through Technology Revolution, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Bio-Technology, 3D Printing and Autonomous Vicks will be promoted.

Now India will work together with BRICS member countries to bring technology revolution to the world. In the 10th BRICS Summit in South Africa on Thursday, PM Modi described the importance of technology, skill development and multilateral cooperation in improving the world. Modi said that the digital technology of the new technology and interaction that is being developed in the world is an opportunity for us and challenge too.

After this, PM Modi tweeted, "In the session with fellow leaders of BRICS, I shared my views on the issue of various global issues, the importance of technology, skill development and effective multilateral cooperation to make the world better." Modi said that BRICS countries should think seriously about the outcome of the fourth industrial revolution, which will have a far-reaching impact on people and economies of different countries.

He said that with the compliance of the law, payment of direct payment to the beneficiaries of social security and government schemes through technology is an example. PM said that the significance of the fourth industrial revolution will be more of capital. He said that there will be more skill needed for employment in the coming time. Also the employment pattern will be temporary.

Terror Case Opens Against Nawaz Sharif's Party Leaders: Pakistan

Similarly, there will also be changes in industrial production, design and manufacturing process. PM Modi said that we have to ensure that the speed of change in technology is available in our courses. For this, the curriculum of schools and universities needs to be changed in such a way that the youth can be prepared for future needs.

PC left biggest project of bollywood because of Nick

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PC is in limelight these days because of affair with Hollywood Singer Nick Jonas. After Hollywood projects she was returning to bollywood after around 2 years. She signed Salman's "Bharat".Priyanka returned to India two days ago and gave a great shock to Salman.

When everyone’s favorite Anguri Bhabhi become Charlie Chaplin: Must Watch

Actually, Priyanka came to India and told director Ali Abbas Zafar that she wants to give her time to Nick this is the reason she says no to the film. Yes, Priyanka has left "Bharat". This information was given by Ali Abbas Zafar himself by tweeting.

Ali Abbas Zafar wrote, 'Yes, Priyanka is no longer a part of 'Bharat '. There is a very big reason behind this. He told us that he wants to give time to Nick and we are very happy for him. Priyanka is very much loved and congratulated by India's team.

According to reports, Priyanka did not leave the film because of Nick. Rather they have a huge project in hand. Perhaps she is trying to avoid Nick's name. At the same time some other news sites are also convincing their marriage speculation.

Woah!!Big Boss Season to start on this date check it out !!

The shooting of "Bharat" was going to start in August but now Salman is looking for a new heroine. Priyanka and Salman Khan worked in the movie 'Mujhse Shaadi Karogi' in the year 2004. After that in the year 2007, they both were seen in 'Salaam-e-Ishq'.

This is the reason why Mahi has a lot of Fan Following: Salute to him

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Former Captain of Indian Cricket team and Team and experienced wicket-keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently became of topic of discussion because of his performance. But his fan following is still same. Recently MS Dhoni has been considered as the most respected player in India. Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has left behind Lord of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and Captain Viart Kohli in this matter.

Don't Worry, MS Dhoni not retiring, He Just Wanted to Show the Ball to the Bowling Coach

In a recent survey it was revealed that MS Dhoni is the most considered player in India. As per reports he is the second person to achieve the highest honor in India. After country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Mahi achieve the second honor in India.

This annual survey was done by Dot UK by Yugav Dot. The website conducts survey every year, in which he explains who is highly admiring in India. This survey was done in the starting of this year, the result of which has now came out

Dhoni is the only captain in the world who has won the ICC's three major tournaments - World T20, Champions Trophy and World Cup. In the 2009 elections, he led Team India to number one in the Test rankings for the first time.

Is Dhoni really taking retirement?

According to the survey, where Sachin Tendulkar occupies the sixth place, Virat Kohli is at number eight. Kohli is currently in England, where he is preparing for the five-match series starting August 1. In the survey, it has also emerged that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have tremendous fan following in India. Apart from this, England's former footballer David Beckham also has great popularity in India.

Clean Chit from Government: Vodafone –Idea merger will give tough competition to Reliance Jio

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On Thursday government has approved the merger of Vodafone and Idea .Few days ago on July 9, the conditional permission was also granted .Both the companies paid Rs 7,268.78 to Department of Telecommunications last week on Government demand.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme to organize Ayushman Pakkhwara

This amount includes cash of Rs 3,926.34 crore and bank guarantee of Rs 3,342.44 crore. Now Vodafone and Idea will together make the country's largest telecom service provider .From the first day new Company's costumer amount will be 42 million. The company's value will be more than Rs 1.5 lakh crore. According to Vodafone Group CEO, till August, the merger process is expected to be completed. Idea and Vodafone currently have a debt of about 1.15 lakh crore rupees.

Idea shares raised 4%: The news came to an improvement on Thursday on the news of the deal approval. It closed at Rs 56.95 with a gain of 3.64% on the BSE. Intraday jumped 4.64%. Closing was up 4.18% on NSE at Rs 57.20. This rapidly increased market cap of Rs 872.68 crore to Rs 24,829.68 crore.

Vodafone-Idea will be the biggest company: Currently the largest company is Bharti Airtel with 27.44% mobile subscriber market share. After this brand merger, Vodafone-Idea will become the country's largest mobile service operator company with 39.01% (19.74% + 19.27%) market share and about 42 million subscribers.

Company market share customer number

Bharti Airtel 27.44% 29.57 crores

Vodafone 19.74% 21.70 Cr.

Idea 19.27% 20.20 crores

Reliance Jio 17.44% 17.71 Cr.

BSNL 9.99% 11.23 crores

(Until 30 April 2018)

What will be the shareholding pattern after the merger?

Vodafone 45.1%

Aditya Birla Group 26%

Idea shareholders 28.9%

Aditya Birla Group will have the right to acquire and hold 9.5% shares from Vodafone. The equal stake could be possible. In four years, both companies have to equal shareholding.

Proposed management of new company

Name Existing proposed post in new company

Kumar Mangalam Birla

Aditya Birla Group Chairman Non-Executive Chairman

Balesh Sharma Vodafone India CEO

CFO CFO of Akshay Mundra Idea

Ambriish Jain Idea's Deputy MD COO

CEO of Amazon became the richest person in history

Reliance Jio forced Merger: Price ranged from Reliance Jio's extremely cheap tariff and data to telecom sector. Many companies faced a huge loss in business after the arrival of Jio .After the merger, Vodafone-Idea will become the largest company in terms of customer numbers, which will prove a tough competitor for Reliance Jio. The subscriber base of Jio is increasing rapidly. During the period from March to April, Reliance Jio has added 96.31 lakh customers.

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