Read Out Trending News of 29 July 2018 In Just One Click
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Read Out Trending News of 29 July 2018 In Just One Click

Relative blamed someone stolen information from Kalam’s twitter Account

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Relative of former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Sheik Dawood Kalam has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to handover Twitter account 'Kalam Center' to thier family. In an application, Dawood said that after the demise of former President in 2016, his family is demanding to transfer this account to his brother from Shrishnapal Singh.

A farmer of Sindholi village committed suicide due to….

When APJ was starting this twitter account at that time Mr. Shrajan Pal Singh helped him. Shaikh Dawood Kalam said that former student of Indian Military Engineering College, who is part-time employee with Kalam, did not listen to him. He named him Kalam Center and started the new Twitter page on behalf of his name.

Be Careful: Dengue virus will repeat in 2018 after 3 years in a most terrible form

Dawood has claimed that Singh has stolen information from Kalam's Twitter account and recorded him in the center's account. It is illegal, in such a way the government should act against them. The government should also do this to take steps to hand over Kalam's Twitter account to his family.

Carr fire in California two firefighters died many homes destroyed in city of Redding

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Two Fire Brigade Personnel died in California due to massive fire in forest. About 38,000 people have been kept out from their homes and taken to safer places. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the fire and there is also danger of burning of other establishments.

Father – Daughter meets for the first time since arrest

The fire that destroyed at least 500 structures in Shasta County was named Carr, the fire was caught on Monday. According to reports, California National Guard said that about 800 jawans and airmen have been was currently on the ground to deal with carr fire.

The official said, "After destroying the communities in Shasta and Keswick, the fire spread near the river Sacramento during night and several houses were damaged in the outskirts of California city of Redding, where 95,000 people live in this city. "

To make the Army more powerful Ministry is palnning…

While attempting to extinguish the fire with firefighters .Another radical firefighter died due to the fire.

Woah!! Good News for Kaira fans: Show has completed 2700 episodes

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Most popular show of TV, 'Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' which is winning the heart of audience from last 9 years .Fans are liking chemistry of Kartik Naira more than Akshara Naitik. Today we have very good news for Ye Rishta fans actually recently the show has completed 2700 episodes.

Saba Qamar has also begin following Mahira Khan, Is she even Muslim anymore ?

Entire star cast celebrate this occassion together. With full star cast, Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan aka Kartik Naira wishes each other by cutting the cake with the rest of the cast. On this happy occasion, the show's Lovebirds Naira-Kartik performed romantic dance.

This serial was launched on January 12, 2009. Initially,Naitik and Akshara were the main actors of this serial. The story went ahead with their children. Now the story of Kaira and Naksh Keerti has been taken place many videos and photos of the show's celebrations are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Happy Phirr Bhag jayegi: Official Trailer Released

Well, in real life, the news of Shivangi and Mohsin's affair are in limelight from several days. But they both have never accepted their relationship in public.

OMG!! Kohli met Vijay Mallya in England

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Captain of Indian Cricket team Virat Kohli was recently seen with corrupt businessman Vijay Mallya on the England tour. This picture of Kohli and Mallya is becoming quite viral on social media. After seeing this picture, Fans Kohli got quite angry with him and creating distance from him but after knowing the secret behind it, he himself got shocked.

B’day Spcl: Chentan Chauhan was the world’s first Cricketer to score 2,000 runs

The person who is seen in the picture is not Vijay Mallya but he looks like hinm. In this picture, this person is sitting near the feet of Virat and kept his hand on his shoulders. This picture has become trouble for Virat Kohli, who has the highest fan following on social media.

Captain Virat, who was preparing for the Test series in England, got upset when a group of fans came along with Dhol Naganda in Chelmsford to meet him. Indeed, a picture of Virat with these fans has created a ruckus on social media.

Dada advice Virat Kholi to win the match

IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat has been close to former team owner Mallya. But at present Mallya has run away with the country's nearly nine thousand crore rupees and has come to the floor from the sunshine. He is living in Britain these days to avoid his arrest, where the Indian team is on a cricket tour and will start the series of five Tests against England from August 1.

Hero Electric Scooter Flash in Indian Market: have a look

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There is a cheap Scooter Flash of Hero is available in the Indian Market. The company claims that it is completely eco-friendly. That is, it does not have pollution. Its special thing is that it runs from the battery rather than the gasoline. Its Delhi X-showroom price is Rs 25,490 and on-road price is Rs 30,490.

Suzuki Burgman Street launch in India : Know about the features

65km mileage

The company says that this scooter can be run for 65 kilometers by full charge.

This is the best vehicle for office workers, because there is no hassle of filling it.

It has a 48-volt 20Ah battery. Comes with 48 volt 2.7A charger.

The company claims that this battery can be fully charged in 7 to 8 hours. After which they can run up to 65km.

It has a telescopic suspension with a sturdy alloy wheel, with an extra luggage box under the seat.

No license needed

From July 2018 Ford India raised the price of its cars

There is no need for driving license and registration to run it. It does not have to register in RTO.

The reason for this is that maximum speed of this scooter is 25 kilometers per hour.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, if the speed of the train is more than 25km / hr then license and registration is required.

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