Rohit Sharma is horrible football player says Yuvraj singh
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Rohit Sharma is horrible football player says Yuvraj singh


For Yuvraj Singh, it is his most loved club Manchester United that has constrained him to change loyalties from his perpetual most loved Brazil to supporting France in the progressing FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, the reason is his most loved player Paul Pogba plays for the 'Red Devils'. "Past couple of World Cups, I bolstered Brazil, however this year I am supporting France since it has Paul Pogba, who is a Manchester United player", said Yuvraj. Yuvraj is a self-admitted football buff, who has regularly dropped in at the Old Trafford to make the most of United's Premier League home amusements. The Indian group likewise has football as an influence of its warm-up and the clever Yuvraj gave his master remarks on his partners' football abilities.

"Virat is extremely fit and can run the length and broadness of the pitch with fast, however shockingly, he can never score objectives. He has a considerable measure of abilities however tragically does not have the wrap up. I think he needs to take a shot at that," said the saint of India's 2011 World Cup triumph.

Be that as it may, he had some fair guidance for Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya - football isn't a game for them. "Jasprit Bumrah shouldn't play football. Hardik Pandya is an extremely awful footballer. He too needs to enhance his football aptitudes", he says tongue in cheek.

Carrying on in a lighter vein, Yuvraj includes: "Rohit Sharma is a shocking football player. He just passes the ball and afterward doesn't move. He is continually remaining in an off-side position. Zaheer Khan is additionally similar to Rohit, scarcely needs to keep running on the football ground. Ashish Nehra, I would prompt shouldn't play football in light of the fact that everytime he plays, he gets harmed." So who is a decent footballer as indicated by Yuvraj? "Mahi (Dhoni) is a great football player", he said.

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