Samsung's clamshell answer to foldable Moto RAZR 2019 leaks

Seoul, Aug 22 (IANS) Samsung's clamshell answer to the foldable Moto RAZR 2019 edition has now leaked in a new patent with its 6.7-inch Galaxy Fold successor, the media reported.

Samsung's 6.7-inch foldable will bend around the horizontal axis and will reportedly have just a small 1-inch screen on the outside for date/time/notification icons. That's quite a clever and eventually cheaper to produce approach than the current Fold concept, the PhoneArena reported on Wednesday.

With its next foldable phone push, Samsung is reportedly gunning for portability instead of screen space, tip industry insiders, and it should, the report added.

Despite the issues that have plagued Samsung's original Fold preview units, the South Korean tech major is reportedly nowhere near to giving up on the foldable device category.



Source : ians

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