SCO resolves distance between India-Pakistan: China
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SCO resolves distance between India-Pakistan: China


BEIJING: China expects the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to assume a key part in settling the contrasts amongst India and Pakistan, which joined the association a year ago.

"We know there are existing and historical unresolved conflicts between Pakistan and India", Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said on Monday in an interview with CGTN, the country’s national broadcaster. “But I think after they joined the SCO, maybe we can provide a better platform and opportunities for the building of relations between them.”

The announcement is critical on the grounds that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had shown on major stumbling block in the improvement of relations between India and China.

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Talking at the primary SCO summit after India joined the association in the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao, Modi said framework projects should consider the need to“respect the sovereignty” of member states . He was alluding to the way that China's Belt and Road Initiative + goes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India also turned into the main SCO member to decline to endorse the BRI which was backed by Russia, Pakistan and Central Asian countries.

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Wang said all SCO individuals have taken vows about keeping up great relations with different individuals. He portrayed the SCO as an “great vehicle” for improving ties amongst India and Pakistan.

Afghanistan's stability is the best regional security issue for the association since it is a neighbor to most SCO individuals, the minister said.

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