Secure Your Vacation Travel With Bajaj Finserv’s Affordable Pocket Insurance Products

After months of preparation and saving money, a lot of people plan their much-awaited vacation in summer. However, whether you choose to go on a family trip or indulge in solo travel, there is always a certain amount of risk involved while travelling. Loss of your baggage, ATM Card or your wallet can ruin a trip and significantly add to your expenses.
With Bajaj Finserv’s affordable Pocket Insurance products, you can stay protected against the small uncertainties in life which can quickly add up and disrupt your budget. Get coverage for your ATM card, baggage, wallet or purse and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Take a look at some features of these insurance covers that offer big benefits at a minimal premium amount.

  • ATM Assault and Robbery Insurance -
Your ATM card is necessary to withdraw money at your convenience while travelling. But since you are in an unfamiliar city, you may be at risk of theft or assault, which may lead to financial losses.

With the ATM Assault and Robbery Insurance from Bajaj Finserv, you can get reimbursed for the money you withdraw from any ATM around the world, in case it is stolen within 15 minutes of the event. You can avail coverage up to Rs. 50,000 for a premium of just Rs. 499 per annum. Additionally, you also get compensated for emergency first-aid treatment for any injuries sustained in such situations.
  • Baggage Insurance -
Baggage loss while travelling can be a frustrating experience and completely throw your trip out of gear. You can suffer a huge loss in case your baggage is damaged, stolen or destroyed.

With Baggage Insurance from Bajaj Finserv, you can get coverage up to Rs. 50,000 at just Rs. 599 per annum for any loss or damage to your personal baggage due to fire, riots, theft, strikes, terrorist activity, or other accidents occurring during your journey. 
  • Wallet Care -
Losing your wallet while travelling can leave you stranded without any money and your credit and debit cards could also be at risk of being misused. Moreover, you also have to go through the stress of replacing lost personal identity cards like your PAN card.
Make your travel hassle-free by opting for Wallet Care from Bajaj Finserv and get coverage up to Rs. 2 lakh at just Rs. 599. Under this cover, no matter where you are in the world, you can block all your credit and debit cards with just a single phone call. You also get a free replacement for your PAN card, emergency travel and hotel assistance, SIM and IMEI registration and SIM card blocking service and complimentary fraud protection involving PIN-based fraud, phishing, tele-phishing.
All of the above benefits will guarantee that you have a smooth travel experience in the event of any emergency and you are not put through any inconvenience.
You can also check out other Pocket Insurance products according to your specific travel needs, like Trek Cover, Road Trip Cover, Honeymoon Cover, Pilgrimage Cover, Domestic Holiday Cover, Solo Traveller Cover, Backpacking Travel Cover and many more. What’s more, you can pick any of these affordable insurance products at your convenience and pay the premium amount online easily through multiple payment options. This ensures that you are well prepared before you start your journey and bring back only fond travel memories from your vacation.

Source : business-wire-india

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