See here the report card of sales of these cars

Car companies have released sales reports of December 2018. Sales of hatchback segments have increased by 26.42 percent in December 2018 compared to November 2018. Like every time, in this segment, Maruti Suzuki Alto is at the top. Renault Kwid is second in the list.

Maruti Suzuki Alto is at the top of the list. Alto sold 25121 units in December, which is 6478 units more than November 2018. Its monthly growth has increased by 34.74%.

Sales of Renault Kwid also increased: In November 2018, the demand for Renault Kwid was low, while December 2018 was good for it. In December, the demand for Kwid has increased. In November 2018 Renault sold 5419 units, which reached 5832 units in December 2018.

The demand for Datsun Ready-Go dropped: Datsun Ready-Go is at number three in the list. In December 2018, it received less sales than November. Its sales figure in November was 1302 units, which dropped to 1114 units in December. Its monthly gross decreased by 14.43 percent.

In December 2018, a single unit of Hyundai eon was not sold. In November 2018, the company was able to sell only one unit.

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