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Google is testing Augmented Reality (AR) in Google Maps with some of its selected users. This feature will give people the convenience of navigation in real time from the phone's camera. According to a report published in The Verge, David Pearce of The Wall Street Journal experienced AR navigation feature. Pearce said, 'Although this is not a primary turn-by-turn option. But this is a big jump in the right direction of Google Map.

He explained in detail how this feature works. This app receives a person's location from the Global Positioning System (GPS), and reaches its exact location with the help of its Street View data. Once the location is detected, it tells the user the way through arrows and directions on the screen.

The company performed this upcoming AR feature at the annual developer conference in Google's 2018. Pearce said that the features he had seen were in the testing period and there could be a change in it. He said that this feature will be available not only on phones, but also in AR-capable goggles.

The report said that Apple, Facebook, Google, North, Wujix and other companies are working on AR and selling their own AR glasses. It is worth mentioning that recently the message feature has come to Google Maps. With this feature, you can also message to anyone from Google Maps.

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