See the Photos of Kalia's funeral, know who came from Bollywood

Bollywood's celebrated artist Viju Khote, who played Kalia's popular role in the film Sholay, died at his Mumbai home today due to prolonged illness. As soon as the news of his demise came to light, there was mourning in the entire Bollywood corridor. Shortly after that, one by one the film stars started paying tribute to Viju Khote through social media.

According to the news, Viju's last visit was made at noon today. Where few people reached to pay their last darshan. In the first picture, you can see that some people are taking their body.

In the second picture, you can see that Viju Khote's elder sister and Bollywood actress Shubha Khote is seen with her daughter Bhavna.

And you will be surprised to see the third picture that only Arshad Warsi had come from Bollywood to give a final farewell to Viju. Apart from him, not a single Bollywood star came to his house to pay tribute to him. Although big things happen in Bollywood industries, no one sees anyone at such a time.

And in this last picture, his son is seen joining his father's last visit along with some of his relatives. On whose face the grief of losing the father is visible.

By the way, Viju's film career was very impressive. Apart from Sholay, he worked in about 300 Bollywood and Marathi films. Not only this, but he also made everyone crazy with his art in many popular TV serials.

For the peace of Viju Khote's soul, do not forget to write Om Shanti or RIP in the comment.

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