Sexy wives of WWE wrestlers: have a look
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Sexy wives of WWE wrestlers: have a look


Craze of WWE in youth is increasing rapidly. This game has another passion to enjoy. 90’s kids love the most to watch WWE fight. You might have seen many challenges in the WWE ring, but do you know that some of these beautiful wrestlers have already married women's wrestlers? So today we are telling you about such couples of WWE. Who are ring masters as well as life partners.

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Undertaker and Michelle:

Michelle is the wife of most dangerous player and king of WWE . She is also a female wrestler. Both of them married each other in 2010. Michelle is 15 years younger than the king Undertaker, and today she had made distances have from wrestling rings, but whenever they appeared the ring, there a quite silence beings in other female wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar and Sable:

In the WWE ring, Brock Lesnar, who had challenged the biggest wrestler with his dangerous stake, married Wrestler Sable in the year 2006. In these wrestling games, both of them are quite popular with their competitors in their rivals, and both of them have many big-time championships.

CM Punk and AJ Lee:

WWE Male Wrestler CM Punk married Wrestler AJ Lee in 2014. Female Wrestler AJ Lee is beautiful women who has achieve many women titles in their name, while CM Punk is also a powerful wrestler.

John Cena and Nicky Bella:

Among the WWE Universe, John Cena has the highest fan following. The more Dashing John Cena is the more gorgeous his partner Nicky Bella . These two have been seen together in the WWE ring several times. These are one of the beautiful pairs of WWE Universe. Nicky Bella has been seen playing tag teams with mostly his sister, while John Cena has also been a WWE Champion.

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Triple H and Stephanie:

One time in the WWE Universe, Triple H has earned a lot of names as a wrestler, while many of the championships have made their names, but do you know his wife Stefani has also been a female wrestler. Stefani is also a female wrestling champion, the daughter of WWE CEO Vinci McMahon. The women are as good as Stephanie, as they are very dangerous.

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