Shahid Kapoor Praises Sooryavanshi Makers For Their Guts

Actor Shahid Kapoor says he was the biggest supporter of Sooryavanshi and hats off to the makers of the film for having guts to be first one in the line to release it theatrically. 
Actor Shahid Kapoor along with Mrunal Thakur and entire cast and crew of Jersey was interacting with Newshelpline at the trailer launch. 
When asked about theaters reopening and his sports drama being is next in line for theatrical release, Shahid said, “The team that was cheering the Sooryavanshi was us, we were like oh please God let this movie make it big, then we all can release our films. I am so happy that Sooryavanshi released in theaters and hats off to the makers for having the guts to be the first in the line to release it, because I know it’s not easy, it is not easy for us as well, we have been in line for two years. The film celebrates the human victory, so it has a great context” 
For two years, filmmaker opted for OTT release as the theater were shut down and with cinema halls reopening, there is huge divide whether to opt for big screen or digital release. 
Weighing in his take, Shahid Kapoor said, “Content is travelling in many different ways now, but nothing will ever replace the charm of theaters. And I am happy that I have worked with the team of Jersey. I think it is most amazing, collaborative and standing together team that I have worked with in a long time, shooting this film wasn’t easy. We have had covid-19 threat through 50% of this film” 
“So stopped due to security issues and after a long gap we came back to complete the shoot. So, it’s been a long journey and we waited for 2 years to release this film. I am so happy that this film is coming out on the big screen because I don’t see any other way to tell this beautiful story except the cinema halls”
added Shahid. 
The film is written and directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri, a remake of his 2019 Telugu film of the same title. It stars Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, and Pankaj Kapur. 
The film is produced by Allu Aravind, Aman Gill, Dil Raju, and Suryadevara Naga Vamsi. The film will theatrically release on 31 December 2021 coinciding with New Year.

Source : News Helpline

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