Shivraj Singh said, "Rahul Gandhi has crossed the limits, now I will file Defamation case against him"

Prior to the assembly elections, War of Mouth has risen between Rahul Gandhi and Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, during a rally in Jhabua, attacked the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and his son Kartikeya, referring to Panama papers and occupation. Shivraj Singh Chauhan became angry after Rahul Gandhi's allegations against his son Kartikeya Singh. On Tuesday Chief Minister Shivraj Singh said while informing that he is going to sue Rahul Gandhi for this. Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of Malwa,Indore and, Ujjain also he has done two road shows. The next day, Congress national president Rahul Gandhi has reversed his statement. He has given a clean sweep on Tuesday morning, he said that there is so much corruption in the BJP that I was confused yesterday. Chif Minister of MP did not do Panama, he has done e-tendering and business scam.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh has written on Twitter about the confirmation of the case of defamation, "For the past several years, Congress has been blaming wrongdoing on his and his family. Chauhan says that they respect everyone, but On Monday, Rahul Gandhi said that the name of Kartikeya Chauhan (Shivraj's son) has come to Panama Papers, he has crossed all limits by saying this! Tommorow we are going to file defamation case against him."

He told the media on Tuesday, "It was a different matter if a small leader used to accuse us, but the Congress president's statement is unfortunate. If he will apologize then we will consider it. "On the other hand, BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya said," Rahul has been confused from the beginning and he is also confusing the country too."

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