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Shy Albatross Make Artificial Nests Their Own—Giving Scientists Hope for Their Species


Shy albatross don't just mate anywhere or with anyone.

They prefer to do it in the same place every year and with the same partner.

But on Bass Strait's Albatross Island near Tasmania, scientists say a changing climate has been killing the mood.

Rising temperatures are making it harder for the birds' chicks to survive. A 2015 study found chicks are prone to overheating.

Rising sea levels and increasingly torrential rainfall are also making it more difficult for the birds to construct quality nests that stay intact.

While the birds have also been impacted by fisheries and may spend longer finding food, a group of conservationists from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Australia's CSIRO Marine Climate Impact group, and the Tasmanian Albatross Fund say one viable–albeit expensive–solution could help give the birds time to adapt.

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