Singapore: Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un’s Joined Hands With Each other
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Singapore: Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un’s Joined Hands With Each other


Two big leaders of the world, who openly threatened to teach nuclear war and lesson to each other, erased all the distances on Tuesday and join hands with each other on their first ever summit , US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chief Kim Jong Un joined hands with each other in Singapore's Santosa island and laughed and talked about. After the first round of talks, the delegation level meeting of the two countries is currently underway.

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Both the leaders had one on one meet for 41 minutes at Capella Resort of Santosa Island. These meetings are historic in many ways. The President of the United States of America has met a North Korean leader for the first time. At the same time, seven years after assuming power, Kim Jong has come on such a long foreign visit for the first time.

According to Indian time, At around 6.30 in the morning, the two leaders reached Santos Island from their respective hotels. After reaching the hotel, the two leaders shaked hands with each other and were photographed together.

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President Donald Trump said that “ I am really feeling very good, we are going to have very good discussions and our relations will be magnificent, I have no doubt in it. "

North Korean President said that “there were many 'barriers' in the way of meeting in Singapore today. They said, 'We crossed those barriers and today we are here.”

It is believed that this first summit between the current US President and a North Korean leader will be proven to change the ever-tarnished relationships between Trump and Kim

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