Skoda India got the permission to use Monte Carlo’s Trademark

Auto desk| Apparel manufacturer Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd has given permission to Skoda Auto India Private Limited to use its trademark. For this, there has been an agreement between the two companies. In a release, the company said that under the agreement, Skoda India will be able to use the trademark of Monte Carlo. In this regard, this agreement has been made in Delhi High Court after one year of a dispute settlement.

Monte Carlo Fashions Ltd, a proprietor of the 'Monte Carlo' trademark, filed a lawsuit against Skoda Auto India, saying that the car maker has used his trademark for his new 'Monte Carlo' version car. . This trademark is a violation of the rules and during the dispute settlement, trademark misuse was accepted.

According to the agreement, Skoda India has been allowed to use the Monte Carlo trademark by granting a license from Monte Carlo Fashion Ltd. This license allows Skoda India to use this trademark in India only with cars, car accessories and spare parts as well as packaging, publicity, propaganda etc. related to it.

Skoda India launched its mid-size sedan Rapid 'Monte Carlo' version in August 2017. Rishabh Oswal, executive director of Monte Carlo Fashion Ltd, said, "We are happy that this dispute has been settled by both the companies peacefully among themselves. We have allowed Skoda to use our brand name for marketing and selling cars of the 'Monte Carlo' edition. This decision is good for both the companies.”

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