Smoke & Luck's latest hit 'Hauz Khas Valiye' with Kalakaari

Rajasthan meets the capital city, New Delhi in ‘Hauz Khas Wali’. Luck is a newcomer from Rajasthan who has been dabbling with an amalgamation of sounds and this time around got Smoke to try the same. Smoke and Luck have stellar autotune glazed verses over ambient progressive trap production by Asura and are describing a girl who is messing around with both of them.

It’s healthy to see aspiring underground artists understanding the significance of capturing the mainstream loving audience while increasing the diversity of soundscape and not following the ‘Gully’ route. Hauz Khas Village is a very popular neighborhood in New Delhi which consists of a cluster of high-end boutique designer stores and young clubs. You can find a lot of Delhi youngsters hanging out in groups there and doing their bar crawls across some of the most famous watering holes the city has to offer.  Hauz Khas has played an instrumental role in spreading awareness of the independent music scene in the capital as it comprises several venues that host various gigs providing plenty of opportunities to upcoming artists. That is exactly where the song starts.

The duo has conceptualized a hypothetical promiscuous girl who loves to spend time in that vicinity. The video shows that Luck meets her after he finishes his set at a venue and then spends most of his days with her. Smoke describes how he also fell for a girl who he met in the same locality, unfortunately, he finds out that he has been played by her all this while as Luck shows him his photos with her. It’s difficult to choose a favorite among the two artists as both of them have gone toe to toe lyrically. The production of the song gives it a very laid back late night cruising in Delhi vibe to it and the props for the production go to Asura who has been producing some next-level songs lately. Galat Scenes have done a solid job with the video which carries the audio perfectly and delivers the story well. The project is distributed and powered by the Independent powerhouse Kalakaari.

Source : NewsOnFloor

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