Sometimes open kiss, sometimes news of the contestant's pregnancy, know 12 big controversies of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss season 13 premieres on September 29. The grand finale of this 105-day-long contemporary reality show will be held in January. Salman Khan is also hosting the show this time, though several major changes have been made in this season. Controversy No.1: When news comes of Diandra Sauce's pregnancy - when model and TV personality Diandra Sauce was evicted from Bigg Boss season number 8, there were reports in the media that she was thrown out due to pregnancy. Her pregnancy wires were being connected to Gautam Gulati. Diandra and Gautam were quite close to each other and they were also seen locked in the bathroom many times

Controversy No.2: When Sonali slapped Ali, it was the first time in Bigg Boss Season 8 when a member was slapped at home or slapped by a member. Ali Quli Mirza made objectionable remarks about Sonali Raut and Upen Patel during an argument with Puneet Issar. When Sonali learns this, he slaps Ali. While Ali's health deteriorated after this matter, 'Bigg Boss' nominated Sonali to be evicted from the house till the end of the season..

Controversy number 3: Raja Chaudhary and Sambhavna Seth when caught kissing- In Bigg Boss season 2, Raja Chaudhary and Sambhavna Seth were also in the news. Both of them were seen getting intimate on the show. Not only this, but he was also caught by Bigg Boss camera while kissing. Earlier, both of them were accusing each other.

Controversy number 4: Gautam-Karisma's quarrel - Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna had a fierce fight at the beginning of Bigg Boss season 8. Actually, 'Bigg Boss' gave the family a luxury budget task. During this, Gautam was sitting on the chair and Karishma was trying to wake him up. In this effort, Karishma applied red chili powder on Gautam's face, which passed him insensitively and he shouted at Karishma. Not only this, but Gautam had also abused Karishma, due to which Karishma had created a lot of uproars and demanded the disqualification of Gautam. However, Gautam later apologized to Karisma. Controversy number 5: Armaan arrested after complaining of Sophia Hayat - The biggest controversy in Bigg Boss season 7 was between actor Armaan Kohli and model Sophia Hayat. Sophia had filed an FIR against Armaan after exiting the house. In this FIR lodged at Lonavala Police Station, he accused Armaan of assault and abuse. According to Sophia, Armaan attacked him with a broom, which was out of his tolerance. Armaan was arrested from the house of 'Bigg Boss' following the complaint. However, he was later released on bail.

Controversy No. 6: When Kushal Tandon was eliminated - Contestant Kushal Tandon's exit from the show in Bigg Boss Season 7 has been in controversy. Kushal was thrown out, saying that the way he treated another contestant Tanisha Mukherjee was against the rules. At the same time, Salman Khan, the host of the show, was also accused of discrimination.

Controversy number 7: Allegations on Salman's to getting an entry a friend - Bigg Boss Season 6 came into controversy when a man named Kashif Qureshi was given entry based on 'common man'. It was later revealed that he was a friend of Salman Khan. In this season, Kashif was selected through auditions across the country. There were also reports that a plan had already been made to get Kashif's entry.

Controversy number 8: Sarah Khan and Ali Merchant's marriage- Contestant Sara Khan and Ali Merchant's love story in Bigg Boss Season 4 and their marriage was very popular. Their love story had grown so much that both of them married each other on the show itself. However, Sara's parents later stated that they were married in 2008 and Islam does not allow the married couple to marry again.

Controversy number 9: Intimate scene of Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel - In Bigg Boss season 4, Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel were in discussion about their intimate scenes. Angered by these scenes of Veena, a man named Mian Muhammad Iqbal had filed a case against him in Lahore Court. It was told that what Veena has done on the show is against Islam.

Controversy number 10: When KRK threw a bottle on Rohit Verma - Bigg Boss season 3 got into controversies when the show's contestant Kamal Rashid Khan threw the bottle towards Contestant Rohit Verma. The bottle thrown by Rashid, who was adamant on his insistence, was given to Shamita Shetty instead of Rohit. Kamal dropped out of the show after the incident. Controversy number 11: When Salman Khan was accused of beating - In Bigg Boss season 5, Contestant Akashdeep Sehgal accused the show's host Salman Khan of beating him. Akashdeep had said that Salman was his opponent in the show and always tried to humiliate him. According to him, he was beaten by Salman when he protested. Akashdeep and another contestant Mahek Chahal fought in the same show.

Controversy number 12: The battle of Rakhi Sawant and Kashmirira Shah - Bigg Boss had already come into controversy from the first season. At that time there was a fierce fight between item girl Rakhi Sawant and Bollywood actress and model Kashmiri Shah. Controversy arose between the two on what other contestants thought of them. Rakhi was very angry about this. He was later dropped from the show.

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