Sonakshi Sinha arrested by police, video goes viral on social media

Friends, there was a trend on social media for a long time, demanding to arrest Sonakshi Sinha, but recently a video has gone viral in which the police are taking Sonakshi Sinha in handcuffs to the police station, Let's know what the whole scene is, and why Sonakshi Sinha's arrest was being demanded. Let us tell you that Sonakshi Sinha's film Khandani Shafakhana was released last week, during the promotion of this film, Sonakshi Sinha used the word 'Bhangi' for some reason, after which the people of Valmiki society started trending on social media, that Sonakshi Sinha must be arrested. For your information, let me tell you that after this dispute, Sonakshi Sinha had also apologized to all the people on her Twitter account, and she said that my motive was not to hurt anyone, my motive was just that the Balmiki society has done a lot of contribution in the country, and I do not want to hurt any community, I respect every community, and for some reason if I hurt anybody's feelings then I am sorry, I apologize to you.

After this statement of Sonakshi Sinha, Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana has also tweeted, in which he wrote, "The mistake can be made by anyone but why do we compare anyone with low caste people," And is your view against them justified, and change this attitude today.

The video that is going viral, Sonakshi Sinha's voice is coming, but her face is not shown, in that video Sonakshi Sinha is seen saying, why are you arresting me H, and you cannot arrest me in such a way that everyone is surprised as to why Sonakshi Sinha was arrested.

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