Sony SAB redefines fear with Khauf Ka Naya Roop – The rise of the deadly trio in Baalveer Returns

Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns has never failed to wow its audience with its exciting and adventurous storyline. With Timnasa’s (Pavitra Punia) return, along with the deadly duo of Ray (Shoaib Ali) and familiar friend Bhaymaar (Aditya Ranvijay), things are about to get more exciting as viewers will encounter a nail-biting journey of the Baalveers, facing a tough fight against the evil trio. Defeating Timnasa won’t be such an easy task this time and the thrilling ride will take the audience on a deadlier and nail biting adventures. 
With every week offering the audiences a true visual delight, the threat to the world has a new face and Baalveers would not only face Timnasa in her full glory but will also will be challenged by Ray and Bhaymaar. With the return of Bhayrani, the super-power of Shinkai (under-water world) and Kaal Lok will stand against Baalveer. The fight is about to get intense and dangerous as Timnasa is not only back but she is stronger than before with a power packed team.
Here is what the evil trio have to say:
Pavitra Punia, essaying the role of Timnasa said, “Audience has given a lot of support and affection to my character Timnasa and now that am back on the show, things will really get more intense and entertaining than before as fear would have a new meaning with Timnasa’s powers and she immensely vengeful attitude. Also, the deadly duo of Bhayrani and Bhaymaar has been something people have adored and we along with Ray wish to make it more exciting for the viewers. Some real challenges lie ahead of Baalveer and it will be interesting to watch them try to defeat this savage team.”
Shoaib Ali, essaying the role of Ray said, “Ray has always been at the top of the game. He has been the strongest force of Shinkai and joining hands with Timnasa gets him a step closer to his mission to rule the world. I have had a chance to work with Pavitra before but I have to say she brings an entirely different and energetic energy on the sets and since Aditya, Pavitra and I have most of our shots together we are building a great bond together. Being evil on-screen has become a lot more fun with them around. I feel this new trio and the kind of challenges we are creating have added a new element to my character Ray and I am loving it.”
Aditya Ranvijay, essaying the role of Bhaymaar said, “It is very well known that Timnasa and Bhaymaar have always been the baddy-duo of Sony SAB. Now that they are back together while being backed with Ray’s powers, situations are bound to get more dhamakedar. I can promise our fans that a lot of new challenges and stories await and it will be nothing short of a roller coaster. They will witness never seen before fights between the forces of Kaal Lok and Veer Lok. I am excited to bring them forth for our viewers and I am sure they will love it. Brace yourself people, because this trio is here to win.”
Watch the phenomenal comeback of Pavitra Punia, alongside Ray and Bhaymaar on Baalveer Returns every Monday-Friday at 7PM only on Sony SAB

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