SP, Congress lose MPs in RS on J&K debate day

New Delhi, Aug 5 (IANS) Amid uproar in the Rajya Sabha over scrapping of Article 370, the government's efforts to get crucial provisions on Jammu and Kashmir passed in the Rajya Sabha got a boost with resignation of two more opposition leaders -- Samajwadi Party's Sanjay Seth and Congress chief whip Bhhubaneshwar Kalita.

Sanjay Seth, who played a key role in SP's alliance with Bahujan Samaj Party, is the latest from the party's flock to quit Rajya Sabha. Surendra Nagar and Neeraj Shekhar were the other two who quit recently.

Before Kalita, the Congress too lost Sanjay Sinh who resigned from Rajya Sabha.

The fall in opposition's strength will help the BJP, which falls short of a majority in the Upper House, to see through the key resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.

The Congress' strength has come down to 46 and SP now has 10 members.



Source : ians

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