Spend your holidays in Singapore :see pics
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Spend your holidays in Singapore :see pics


Singapore is a tourist sport, which is top of the other overseas tourists destinations. If you are planning to travel abroad, Singapore can prove to be a great option for you. Major sights of Singapore include three museums, Jurong Bird Park, Reptile Park, Zoological Garden, Science Center, Santosa Island, Parliament House, Hindu, Chinese and Buddhist temples and Chinese and Japanese Bagh with makes Singapore more beautiful.

Botanical Garden of Singapore:

Botanical garden of Singapore is158 years old. Looking at this garden you will feel that Singapore has got a boon of nature. The Singapore Botanical Garden is spread over 52 hectares, where more than three thousand orchids have been grown under the National Orchid Collection.

China town"

Yes, China Town is not only a film, but also a famous place in Singapore. You can see different colors of Chinese culture here.

Changi Chapel and Museum:

Changi Chapel talks about Singapore's history. Here, things are related to civilization and soldiers of 50 thousand years ago have been kept.

Singapore Zoo:

People who love animals can see the animals and birds of many species by visiting Singapore. At the same time you can enjoy the jungle safari, river safari.

Have fun of street food:

There are many dishes in the food stalls spread over here. To attract food and tourists, food festival is also organized in Singapore in July. In Singapore, international food chain restaurants such as McDonald, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway, Burger King will also be found. If you like chewing gum, there may be trouble during your stay in Singapore. There is a chewing ban banyan here.

Millions of luminous designer laser lights are lit in every street of Singapore. The thrilling journey of the boat at Orchard Road, Singapore River, Baras Bussan, Bugis, CBD and Marina Bay, organizing laser show lights on rivers, on tree seems very beautiful at night. If you go here with your partner in car, then your trip will be memorable.

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