Tahira reveals her funny nickname given by Ayushmann

Mumbai, Aug 29 (IANS) Writer-director Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has revealed her funny nickname given by her actor husband Ayushmann Khurrana.

Tahira took to social media to share Ayushmann's nickname for her and the logic behind it.

She shared two photographs -- The first image showed her posing against the Sun, where an outline of her hair is visible. In the second, she shared of picture 1990's actor Harish Kumar.

She captioned the image: "That's me right in the morning without any hair product and Ayushmann calls me Harish! For the longest time I could not recollect and found it cute in a weird way. You know at times you call people you love by different weird names... I thought it was that until... swipe for what I found! Look-alike anti-gravity hair."

Ayushmann replied on Twitter: "You found out."

On Instagram, the "Article 15" star said that Tahira is very gutsy and she inspires him.

He commented: "I never thought you will put a post on this. Ahem. You're more gutsy than my on screen characters. You inspire."



Source : ians

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