Techking Launches its First Overseas Service Center(TSC): A Milestone in Global Implementation of Three-lever Development Model

KARACHI, Pakistan, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In early June, a task force consisting of Techking R&D engineers, business managers, and Innovative Service staff travelled to Pakistan for preparation of a local Techking Service Center (TSC), to be officially launched in early August, as well as after-sales visits to local typical clients for tire use feedback.

Pakistan is one of the largest Techking truck tire markets in terms of sales. Its main cities are all covered by the selling network of Techking's dealers. Techking tires are widely recognized by local users and rank first place in the Pakistani heavy-duty truck market with a market share of about 60%.   

Proven quality and long-term positive reputation empower Techking to gain wide recognition and high brand shares. Take the task force of one client visited for example, in mid-August 2020, their four trucks were equipped with 12 Techking TKAM II S tires, with the tire load of 175-230%. By the time this after-sales visit was made, those tires have served tough road conditions for 9 months and are expected to reach an overwhelming tire life of 12 months.

A stunning product cannot outstand without good after-sales services. In the Pakistani market, tire brands only sell tires and seldom provide qualified pre-sale and after-sales services. Most tire shops still use patches and glues to repair tires. This kind of primitive way will greatly shorten the tire life and meanwhile affect the safety of the vehicle and its driver.

Therefore, Techking decides to co-found the first overseas TSC on the highest standards. It will empower the dealers' end-to-end service capabilities including pre-sales product matching, sales training, and after-sales repairing and maintenance. With systematic technical processes of higher criteria, more stable repaired tires can be delivered and an enhanced tire use rate and longer tire life are guaranteed. 

Techking overseas sales center General Manager Raymond Zhang said: "TSC acts as a carrier of professional service systems in our three-lever development model. With TSC, our overseas dealers will develop end-to-end tire solution capabilities and bring better user experience and product values to clients." The launching of the TSC in Pakistan marks one key breakthrough and milestone in the Company's global deployment. In 2021, Techking plans to establish about 10 TSCs worldwide. 

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Source : pr-newswire

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