Teen Raped For Months Allegedly By 18 people: Bihar
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Teen Raped For Months Allegedly By 18 people: Bihar


CHHAPRA: A 13-year-old in Bihar has charged that she was assaulted by 18 individuals, including her school vital, two instructors, and 15 understudies for seven months. The vital and an instructor were captured on Friday. Two understudies of the school have been confined.

The young lady, in her grievance to the police, said that she was extorted and posse assaulted by the charged as far back as her dad went to imprison in December a year ago. The youngster says she was first assaulted and extorted by a colleague in December. In the days and weeks that took after, different understudies, the chief and two instructors professedly assaulted her. The extorting proceeded and the quantity of individuals who assaulted her went up to 18, as per the protest. The young lady said her experience proceeded for seven months till her dad was discharged from imprison. She moved toward the police with a protestation against the key, educators and her classmates.

A case has been enrolled at the Ekma police headquarters in Chhapra's Parsagarh, in light of the young lady's announcement taken at a ladies' police headquarters. After her grievance, police captured the main and one instructor, and confined two understudies. The police said they are vigilant for the other people who have been named in her dissension. She was taken to a doctor's facility for restorative examination. A therapeutic board was shaped for promote examination.

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